Our identity is not concealed in our names, but is revealed in our actions, because we do not go undercover. We are people, citizens from different spheres of creativity. There is a value that unites us – the desire to showcase our art and culture from different perspectives, to revive and develop it. Some of us draw in colors, some in the digital world, some in words. We do not want to hide in the shadow of cultural and artistic achievements of the past, we are looking for new achievements, new initiatives and, in short, new breaths. Since creativity does not know the boundaries, we are here to explore and share what we have found, translate and deliver it to you. We are the display area, the platform and the transmitting point at the same time.

You can be sure is that we are not doing anything wrong. And if we come home late or have been online on social network for a long time, that means we work. Yes, yes, we work. After all, providing a web site with 10 headings and 34 subheadings consistent information flow is not an easy job, so we don’t have everybody to work with us, and we don’t deal with every type of information in our turn. The key is to be clear about what we do. It is true that there are and will be attempts to play horseback in the TV space, which is not only limited to Internet but is now considered to be “old school”. We organized exhibitions and social events, held live nights with DJs, organized a festival at the top of the mountains. It is not the end, but only beginning of a long journey. Our charities, of course, are different and they are different from all charity events held in the country, not from the material point of view, but from the point of view of the content, the social message it carries and, ultimately, the methodology. As they say, not only do we do it right, but also we do well.

“If not us, who else will do it”, “Even if nobody else does, we will do it”, “Don’t do and say, but don’t say and do” and likewise expressions are not ours. We do our job simply because we want to do it, and we are happy to listen to those who want to work in the arts and culture and those who take the initiative. The reason why we do it is not related to our sense of self-expression only; it is something like a sacred function performed. The art that exists between existence and poverty is, in fact, a nuance that shows us how we exist. Civilizations do not stay in history by wars and occupation, genocide and massacres; large societies have their own cultural heritage and artistic footprints. We also leave our footprints, assist those who leave their footprints show footprints. That is it.

Our Team

Azer Memmedli aka Azy


Vasif Karim


Shahin Aliyev


Azad Ali


Dadash Musayev

Video Editor

Vusal Rahim

Artist, Project Manager of "Cultural Intent"

Hasan Agha


Matlab Baghirov

Art Coordinator

Lesley Gray

Creative Consultant

Javid Agha

Content Manager

Sitara Ibrahimbayli

Founder / Creative Director

Malak Bayramli


Nargiz Mammadzada