Kirche – Experimental Music

As VarYox, we have documented three historical public spaces for art and culture in Baku. One of these historical places is the Kirkha.

Murad Mammadov

Murad Mammadov thinks that human potential is so great that it is unfair to do only one thing. He is a specialist in disability and personal development, an actor, an activist, and the author of "Uğura gedən yol" (The Road to Success)

Taleh Yuzbayov

The actor and video blogger Taleh Yuzbeyov who is famous recently with web series like “Toxic” and “Middle-class Rasim” is on “Let's talk”. He  commented on the moments that were realized with disapproval by the audience in his films. P.S. Although the shooting place has New Year's decorations, the  interview