“Cultural Intent” was founded in 2015 as a charitable platform by a group of young people professionally engaged in various fields of art, in order to implement projects in the cultural and social fields. The main goal of the project is to work with people in need of special care, in many areas, to show that all restrictions exist only in thoughts, and also cause at least small positive changes in society. We believe that through art we will have the opportunity to discover still undiscovered talents and skills in these people.

As a platform of “Cultural Intent” we carry out numerous joint projects in various fields with different groups of society. These projects are divided into long-term and one-time ones. They include activities carried out in shelters for children and women, a psychiatric clinic, oncology and drug treatment centers and other dozens of places. One of our priorities is to reach even more people and areas through the expansion of our projects. In achieving this goal, we will be able to reach even more people thanks to your support.

We believe that big changes can be achieved in small steps. In order to create positive changes in the lives of people who are not paid attention, we attract them to areas of their interest. The positive results we have achieved over the past 4 years inspire us.