Seeking friends!

Baku Street Dog Rescue urgently need flight buddies to New York or Paris to help us get our rescued street dogs to a safer life abroad. The process is very simple and does not cost the flight buddy any money, nor requires flight buddy to do anything. What to do?

  • Let BSDR know your flight details. We book dogs onto the flight;
  • You are met just before check in at Baku GYD airport and our volunteers will assist with check in and pay charges related to the pet(s);
  • Pet(s) are taken away by airport staff to be loaded onto the plane;
  • On arrival at destination, you ask airport staff to collect pet(s) and bring them through customs;
  • You will present pet(s’) paperwork at customs and then head to arrival;
  • New York or Paris based BSDR volunteers will be in the arrival hall to take the dogs and paperwork from you.

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