Berlin International Film Festival

We are sharing a complete list of categories and first trailers for the films participating in the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, which begins today.

400 films in each genre, duration, and format participate in the film festival every year. The festival is divided into the following sections and various special programs.

The festival will be held from February 20 to March 1. As part of the main competition, new films by directors such as Christian Petzold, Abel Ferrara, Ming-Liang Tsai, Kelly Reichardt, Sally Potter, Hong Sangsoo, and Eliza Hittman will compete for the Golden Bear, as well as Pinocchio, Charlatan, Last and First Men, Nomera, and Malmkrog, which aroused interest, will also meet with movie lovers.


Jury: Jeremy Irons (jury president), Bérénice Bejo, Bettina Brokemper, Annemarie Jacir, Kenneth Lonergan, Luca Marinelli, Kleber Mendonça Filho.



Competition program

  • Undline (Christian Petzold)
  • The Roads Not Taken (Sally Potter)
  • El Prófugo – The Intruder (Natalia Meta)
  • Rizi – Days (Tsai Ming-Liang)
  • First Cow (Kelly Reichardt)
  • Domangchin Yeoja – The Woman Who Ran (Sangsoo Hong)
  • Le sel des larmes – The Salt of Tears (Philippe Garrel)
  • Berlin Alexanderplatz (Burhan Qurbani)
  • Favolacce – Bad Tales ( Fabio & Damiano D’Innocenzo)
  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Eliza Hittman)


Berlinale Special

  • Pinocchio (Matteo Garrone)
  • Sa-nyang-eui-si-gan – Time to Hunt (Sung-hyun Yoo)
  • Nomera – Numbers (Oleg Sentsov)
  • Charlatan (Agnieszka Holland)
  • First and Last Men (Jóhann Jóhannsson)
  • Yi Zhi You Dao Hai Shui Bian Lan – Swimming Out Till The Sea Turns Blue (Jia Zhang-ke)
  • Onward (Dan Scanlon)
  • Paris Calligrammes (Ulrike Ottinger)



  • Malmkrog – Manor House (Cristi Puiu)
  • The Works And Days  (C.W. Winter)
  • Nackte Tiere (Melanie Waelde)
  • Los Conductos (Camilo Restrepo)
  • Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta – Kill It and Leave This Town (Mariusz Wilczyński)
  • Isabella (Matías Piñeiro)
  • Trouble With Being Born (Sandra Wollner)



  • Tipografic majuscul – Uppercase Print  (Radu Jude)
  • The Viewing Booth (Ra’anan Alexandrowicz)
  • Ouvertures (The Living and the Dead Ensemble)
  • Victoria (Sofie Benoot)
  • Responsabilidad empresarial – Corporate Accountability (Jonathan Perel)
  • FREM (Viera Čákanyová)




  • Nardjes A. (Karim Aïnouz)
  • Futur Drei – No Hard Feelings (Faraz Shariat)
  • Days of Cannibalism (Teboho Edkins)



  • Yalda, a night for forgiveness (Massoud Bakhshi)
  • Panteres (Èrika Sánchez)
  • Paradise Drifters (Mees Peijnenburg)
  • Hot Mother (Lucy Knox)
  • Un diable dans la poche (Antoine Bonnet, Mathilde Loubes)
  • Något att minnas – Something to Remember (Niki Lindroth von Bahr)
  • Elders (Tony Briggs)
  • Clebs (Halima Ouardiri)


Berlinale Shorts

  • Girl and Body ( Charlotte Mars)
  • Atkūrimas – Dummy (Laurynas Bareisa)
  • A Demonstration (Sasha Litvintseva, Beny Wagner)
  • Playback. Ensayo de una despedida – Playback (Agustina Comedi)
  • My Galactic Twin Galaction (Sasha Svirsky)
  • Inflorescence (Nicolaas Schmidt)
  • Veitstanz/Feixtanz (Gabriele Stötzer)
  • How to Disappear (Michael Stumpf)
  • It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad (Mili Pecherer)
  • Filipiñana (Rafael Manue)
  • Écume – Foam (Omar Elhamy)
  • Celle qui porte la pluie – She Who Wears the Rain (Marianne Métivier)

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