Make “Ə” great again!

A graduate of The Central Saint Martins – Master of Arts – Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries, fan of Dostoevsky and Beyonce, Baku’s precious boy – Salim Atakishiyev.


He created stuff with “ə”, beacuse he thinks it is unique. Even though the sound is common for several languages, we have seen it in written form only in our own language – in azerbaijani language.


The idea behind the designs which he has developed with his friend and designer Elturan, represents the origin of the letter “ə” combined with lack of “ə” in several fonts. The system doesn’t accept the letter, because it creates “Off-Ə” situation, which is new, modern and hyped era for “ə”.


He is also planning to continue collaboration with different artists through VarYox to develop this project in order to “MAKE Ə GREAT AGAIN”.



By the way, you can get “Off-Ə” design T-shirts and some of VarYox’s products at the Bazarduzu fair on November 9!

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