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Photo exhibition of Nadars is being held in Baku

On December 17, the French Institute of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art organized a photo exhibition entitled “Mysterious Journey to Baku” featuring photographs by Paul and Felix Nadar. VarYox was also invited to the opening. The exhibition will last until February 15, 2022. These photographs, taken from the original negatives of the Architecture and Heritage Multimedia Library under the French Ministry of Culture, are on display in Azerbaijan for the first time. The curator of the exhibition is Konul Rafiyeva.Ətraflı bax


The Idea of Saving Aesthetics

Finally, back to life! You no longer have a reason not to visit exhibitions. You may have your first chance Orkhan Mammadov's art installation " The Idea of Saving Aesthetics" as part of a group exhibition at the Dash Salname Museum. Enjoy!Ətraflı bax