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After the successful launch of the first online event on Zoom platform in partnership with The Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum (TPMM), Baku-based Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform continues with creating and sharing knowledge accessible online.


TAP Talks is a series of Zoom lectures and encounters with artists and art professionals organized by Baku based Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform. The first iterations tackle the notion of incorporeity in contemporary art. Speakers of winter 2021 edition – TAP Talks. Incorporeity are art manager Thomas Dumke (January 25), curators Vanessa Müller and Rike Frank (February 8) and artist Mischa Kuball (February 17). The talks are organised with support of the German Embassy in Baku.


On January 25 with his talk on “Web Residency of Akademie Schloss Solitude – From Net Art to Experimental Publishing” a cultural manager Thomas Dumke will shed light on the project he manages  – a digital space which takes place exclusively online in support of young talents from the international digital scene, and artists and/or activists of all disciplines who deal with web-based practices. Thomas Dumke’s  focus is on international networking and project development in the field of new media and their experimental experience online and offline.

On February 8 “Calibrating the Compass” presentation by curators Vanessa Müller and Rike Frank will ask a number of topical questions: How does an art space operate that has no physical space? How does it relate to known parameters such as locality and publics, duration and address? These questions will be addressed from rich curatorial practice of the speakers.


Vanessa Müller is a curator, writer and art historian who worked as a curator at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in Frankfurt am Main (2000-2006), Head of Research of the European Kunsthalle in Cologne (2007), director of the Kunstverein in Düsseldorf (2007 to 2011), Head of Dramaturgy at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna (2013-2020). In 2017 she curated the Albanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Rike Frank works as a curator and writer and teaches exhibition histories and curatorial practice. She worked at the Secession (2001–2005), headed the curatorial office for documenta 12, formed the program team at the European Kunsthalle with Astrid Wege and Anders Kreuger (2010–2012), and headed the exhibition space at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (2012–2014).  Currently, she is executive director of the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme.


Recently the two curators have joined forces to re-activate the European Kunsthalle. Founded in 2005, the European Kunsthalle was from the very beginning an institution with no permanent space. It focused on decentralized action and cooperation. As an institution without a fixed locality, it gains a performative presence and exists wherever its projects take place.


February 17 is the date for the third Tap Talks event – “Public preposition – making things very public!” by Dusseldorf based artist Mischa Kuball who will speak about a group of works, interventions, projects, and performances made over a period of several decades. Mischa Kuball is a well-known name to Baku art lovers as the artist had two light installations exhibited in Baku in 2018 – at Kapellhaus and Shah Mosque in the Palace of Shirvanshakhs, but never had a chance to speak in front of Azerbaijani audience. Mischa Kuball is a Professor for public art at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, and a professor for media art at Hochschule für Gestaltung/ZKM, Karlsruhe. Since 2015 he has been a member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Duesseldorf and was honoured with the German Light Award.

All  events will take place online at 7:30 PM Baku time via Zoom and will be streamed on Ta(r)dino 6 Facebook page. TAP Talks has been designed for both Azerbaijani and international audiences, therefore the language of the events will be English with simultaneous translation into Azerbaijani (available only on Zoom). Participation is free for the registered attendees. More information and announcements will be published on @tardino6 social media accounts.

Zoom registration links: https://taplink.cc/tardino6

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