Grant Program for Young Writers

Have you ever wanted to write about an art exhibition, an art or music event, a piece of art, an interesting design, an online project or something related to a creative practice and have it published? We want to hear from you!

VarYox platform and supported by our arts writer Lesley Gray are excited to announce a new grant for young writers in the creative fields. We are running an open call for submissions for up to 12 people to be published in VarYox and receive a paid commission (150 Azn) for your work.

Pitch for an article should be 150 words or less, full article should not exceed 650 words. Our editorial committee will select the articles be commissioned based on:

  • relevance to the Azerbaijani art/culture scene
  • originality of the topic
  • clarity of ideas
  • quality of writing

Submissions can be in either Azerbaijani or English. Please include your name, email address and phone number with your submission.

You can send submissions till February 15th, 2021 to [email protected]. The winners will be announced on February 22, 2021 and our platform will publish the articles weekly starting in March 2021.

Bunlar da xoşunuza gələ bilər

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