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Rashid Mammadov – Cultural Genocide

April 18 is International Day for Monuments and Sites. Purpose is to aware people about the diversity of cultural heritage and invite everyone to preserve them regardless of nationality. In this video, Rashid Mammadov, a lawyer specialized in art and humanitarian law both with his education and work experience, talks about the international legal instruments adopted for the protection of cultural monuments and violated by Armenia in Karabakh.Ətraflı bax


Love, Death and Robots

Love, Death and Robots is undoubtedly a unique and interesting project that expands the standards of the series in new formats. In terms of concepts, Miller and Fincher have revolutionized the screen format - bringing the work of studio animators from various festivals and Vimeo to a large space, creating a diverse series to suit the tastes of lovers of the epic genre, from comedy and drama.Ətraflı bax


Culture Against Art – Apophatics

Usually the word "culture" is conjugated with the word "art". We are told from childhood that culture is the highest, most important spiritual heritage of mankind. It includes religion, science, art, philosophy, and the most striking intellectual, technical, and economic achievements of the human race. This is what distinguishes a person from an animal. And the artist, respectively, is a cultural worker. Museums are temples of culture. Etc.Ətraflı bax