Blue Hour – 9 February

Under the guise, Blue Hour, British producer/DJ Luke Standing has carved his unique imprint and distinctive sound not only onto the UK Techno scene but the global dance community as a whole.

A series of pivotal releases present a fresh and exciting fusion, intimately driven by the spirit and energy of the 90s, Millsian futurism, and timeless Electronica.


With a quick succession of releases, Blue Hour attracted the attention of the genre’s leading artists and institutions. Berghain affiliated record label Ostgut Ton commissioned him to remix Tobias. for A Series of Shocks Remixes. Standing also contributed Parallels for Dave Sumner AKA Function’s Berghain 07 official mix and supporting 12 inches on Ostgut Ton – Common Ground also made it onto the mix.



Sumner and Standing’s relationship has since continued with Averting featuring on Facticity – a compilation curated by Function, released via his seminal imprint Infrastructure New York. Function also invited Blue Hour to perform for label showcases at Berghain and Boiler Room. However, it is Standing’s own label that remains the primary home for his widely supported original music.



As both an experienced DJ and a producer, Blue Hour’s output expresses a confidence that delivers cohesion between artistic vision and realisation. Blurring the lines between geography and scene, light and dark, extroverted in its dance floor pragmatism while also truly introspective. He remains focused on creative progression looking outwards to the new ground that remains to be covered or redefined.



A Remixed series was recently introduced inviting artists such as Steffi, Answer Code Request, and Mark Broom to rework his tracks. Another development was the collaborative project Tracing Xircles, which hints at a new development for the label as an outlet for non-Blue Hour work. This debut paves the way for the curation of new artists’ projects as the label extends its reach.



This depth of appreciation, love, and understanding of the genre is strongly evident in his approach as a DJ too. A lifelong investment and devotion to underground music have welcomed him to some of the most respected and long-standing venues on the global circuit continuing to expand his unique approach into new territories across the world year upon year.



With further releases and remix projects on the horizon, plus a busy, global touring schedule – Blue Hour’s presence is a welcome spark forward in the world of Techno and Electronic music.

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