ACT N°1 Spring Summer Collection 2021

Changing circumstances have reminded us about our limits, have shown us each other’s personal space, kept – and still keeping – many of us in a box, driving us into a New Era. The rebirth of humankind is necessary for an unconditioned consciousness and revaluating the values. Traditions, appropriations, stereotypes are to be reviewed and need to be consigned to the future generations for positive evolution. We chose a glass case to represent different worlds and backgrounds, the world we keep inside ourselves, which may or may not be visible from outside. Our native cultures belong to our soul and embrace our personalities, which differentiates us from each other, but when we come together, there is pure harmony and joy. Contradictions and criticism can bring strength to one’s soul or destroy the world of others: we need to educate and lead towards respect and love, to get a better society for a better future. ACT N°1 isn’t just based on multiculturalism, this is part of our existence. We drive our forces towards equal rights and supporting the voices of those who need to be heard.

The new collection keeps the DNA of the brand alive, challenging the traditional tailoring and dressmaking. Sleeves are an all-around ruffled square panel, which is draped on the shoulders with pleats. Cut apart shirts are patched on dresses. Fluid pleated sleeve oversized dresses are a statement and one size items, embracing any type of body and fitting any size. Jackets and shirts sometimes become bodysuit. Maxi plissée sleeves and plisse patch details grace dresses, pants, and blouses. The draped shirt, our iconic double shirt, the hybrid shirt, bright yellow peonies print satin items and Ancient Chinese Fine Art inspired patch print silk items are repurposed as constant representatives of ACT N°1.

A special Swarovski crystal mesh is draped on a suit with crystal fringes attached to the right flap pocket. Long pants, in a bright denim blue color, with virgin wool back and a hand-embroidered front made of Swarovski crystal mesh make a statement. A hand-embroidered tulle dress with Swarovski crystals has been draped and applied on a jacket bodysuit.

ACT N°1 is a brand established in Italy by international designers Galib Gassanoff and Luca Lin. The name has a precise meaning and it is intended as the designers’ infancy like the first act of their life, which inspired them in developing the brand. Its essence and image – it’s all about designer’s personal stories and multicultural backgrounds with a focus on their childhood, home, and lifestyle where antique Chinese fine art and Azerbaijani craftsmanship collide. Each season the Act N°1 show aims to express a story regarding inclusivity and women’s condition all over the world. The brand is steadily growing and it is distributed worldwide in stores like Selfridges in London, Tsum in Moscow, H Lorenzo in L.A, IT Hong Kong, Concento in Tokyo, and Luisa Via Roma

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