LIVE performance

Presented by Curator Lesley Grey and VarYox


October 14, 2019, Icheri Sheher, Kicik Qalart

By Sitara Ibrahimbayli and Vusal Rahim. A 2-part performance.

Focusing on over-consumption in the artworld and indifference to the conceptual concerns of artists and their work, the performance CANLI by artists Sitara Ibrahimbayli and Vusal Rahim seeks to have a critical approach to exhibition openings as empty social events. By eating and drinking to the point of insanity, the artists expose the spectacle of the contemporary art world as a pastiche of culture, ego and wealth.

As an audience, what are our true motivations behind attending these events?

Are we here for the art or just the food and drinks?


Start (1st Floor Gallery)

Locally-inspired Azerbaijani Canapes and Seasonal Crudités

*Azerbaijani Wine, Juice, and Water

Main Performance (-1st Floor Gallery)

First Course

Why are we eating?

Second Course

How much can we eat?

Main Course

For how long can we eat?

Post-performance Dessert (1st Floor Gallery)

Traditional sweets

*Digestives, juice and wine

Bunlar da xoşunuza gələ bilər

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