Baku in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture. Clashes and Contacts

On July 15, at the University of Humboldt in Berlin, seminar titled “Baku in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture. Clashes and Contacts” wil be held.


The event organized by Berlin Humboldt and Frei University will be attended by Torben Philipp from Germany, Clemens Gunther from the United States, Leah Feldman from the United States, Ibrahim Ibrahimov from France, Valentina Smirnova from Russia, Anar Imanov and Elmir Mirzoyev from Azerbaijan.


Within the framework of the seminar, short film “Everything for better” by Vagif Mustafayev will be screened by culturologist Elmir Mirzoyev as a part of his presentation.

Bakı Sovet və Postsovet Kültüründə. Ziddiyyətlər və Təmaslar

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