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There are so many important factors in our lives that we cannot even imagine, and sometimes these things do not attract our attention. One of them is the Seaport, which is mainly a commercial port. As Azerbaijan was located on the ancient Silk Road and along the Caspian Sea it has been a major contribution to the development of trade in Azerbaijan for centuries. But history doesn’t end here, let’s explore 2019 modern style of the trade route from east to west.

Warm up: Dj Phaique 

Phaique (Faiq Tağıyev)


Local artist Phaique has been in the electronic music scene since 2017. Phaique’s sound is mainly deep house, progressive. He shared the same stage with Tade (GEO)


Closing: Aliot (Afshar Alizadeh) is a resident of Hashtag Bar


A local artist Aliot has been in the electronic music scene since 2014.


Aliot’s sound is mainly in the direction of deep, progressive, house, melodic techno.


He shared the stage with with many famous artists such as Weizman (RU),  Tade (GEO),  Valentino Pancake (GE), Leila N Marek (CA)


He is the author of “Sunset”, “Eclipse” and “Black Leter” tracks produced together with Afshin Alizadeh. His podcasts were broadcasted live at online radio.

Baku International Sea Trade Port  (Alat district)

– Port of Baku
– Bizon Energy

Welcome Drink:
– Marandi Wine
– Snacks


TICKETS: Entrance -10azn
FC/DC [Sport/Street Style/Casual]

Bus stop :12:00 Ganjlik metro station, in front of Ataturk Park

***Special note: Those wishing to take part in the event are asked to come with their ID cards and send their surnames to [email protected]


CONTACT: +994506841084

Stay tuned for more info.

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