The project of UFAZ students

“Lucent” is a one time project initiated and created by Aylin Alakbarli, to unite and showcase the works of creative students. With the target audience being youth and university students, the main theme of this magazine is well being, growth and introspection. In total there were contributions (article, photography, poetry, art) of 23 people and an editorial team of 5 people, with our lovely editor-in-chief Nazrin Mirzayeva. Although the majority of contributors are students of UFAZ, there are talented photographers from Azerbaijan State Architecture and Construction University, and Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University as well. I don’t think this can turn into something annual considering all the time and effort it takes, but the main goal behind creating this magazine was making the best of our current situation (in quarantine).

Bunlar da xoşunuza gələ bilər

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