Mischa Kuball – “Space”, “Speech”, “Speed”

As a result of Dusseldorf-based artist Mischa Kuball’s intervention in Kapellhaus, a neo gothic building located in the heart of Baku, it was recently turned into a mesmerizing universe that predisposes for reflections and appeasement. Less is more and minimalism is eloquently strong in Mischa Kuball’s works.Ətraflı bax


Let Her Study

VarYox is in motion, but VarYox also causes movement. We made a video based on the script written by Vugar Babayev, the winner of the screenplay contest under our social project #qizoxusun – we did it right, we did it well. The Author of the adaptation of the script and the video director is Gunel Gadirova, edited by Dadash Musayev. This work has been selected as the best social video at the Baku International Short Film Festival!Ətraflı bax



We brought the world to the village! The VarYox team had a great time with the sweet children of Khinalig - we were one step closer to our mission with graffiti, painting and music lessons. And now let's talk about our next step on this path - SarbestFest! To travel around Azerbaijan and get acquainted with talented children, to discover the spirit of art in young people ... All this is in our plans. What do you think? Where is our post-Khinalig address?Ətraflı bax