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Aisel – Impavide

In Latin the word "IMPAVIDE" means fearlessness. The album tells about the most powerful and destructive feeling of a person, about fear and its opposite - fearlessness. It has been this feeling since the beginning of time that encouraged people to brave and courageous acts which subsequently changed the course of events and created history.Ətraflı bax


New album from Fidan Aghayeva-Edler

The project «Verbotene Klänge: Sechs Suiten» ("Forbidden sounds: Six suites") is a CD production of the concert pianist Fidan Aghayeva-Edler in collaboration with the label "Kreuzberg Records". It refers to music by composers who were ostracized and persecuted during the Nazi regime.Ətraflı bax


Ya Tosiba – Love Party (2017)

Famous to all “meykhana” genre goes through interesting changes. And if Uzeir self produces and makes those very changes on an intuitive level, Ya Tosiba scrutinizes and works in this genre in more detailed way.Ətraflı bax