Aisel – Impavide

In Latin the word “IMPAVIDE” means fearlessness. The album tells about the most powerful and destructive feeling of a person, about fear and its opposite – fearlessness. It has been this feeling since the beginning of time that encouraged people to brave and courageous acts which subsequently changed the course of events and created history.

Each of the tracks individually conveys the experiences and perceptions of the most diverse situations in which a person gets and hypothetically can fall into throughout his entire life. So, the track “System” implies survival in the system in which we are involuntarily born into and about how we would like to create it ourselves, where everything could be the way we would like it to be. “Lulluby” also touched on the topic of the unconscious, our formation at an early age under the influence of various circumstances and our reaction to them.

The album has gothic influences and is made in experimental style, where you can hear a mixture of different genres, such as alternative, cinematic and even dubstep

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Music – AISEL

Arrangement & Lyrics – Fidan Aliva

Mix & Master – Oleg Naumov

Cover Artist – Eldar Aslanov

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