Soul Button – 20 April

Soul Button – German DJ and music producer, founder of Steyoyoke Recordings.


Soul Button is from Berlin, the most vibrant music city in Europe. Undoubtedly he has left a different mark on the local scene. He has created an Ethereal Techno genre, which is an indispensable, powerful, diverse and innovative way with exceptional production capabilities.


His record labels have become an institution in Steyoyoke, Steyoyoke Black, and Inner Symphony underground music circles. Advanced radio shows and podcast series have dramatically increased its audiences over the past few years. Its international recognition and successful development confirms its place in the current electronic music field.


In 2012, the first EP officially released Shadows. He then released three spectacular EPs called Play Again, Swift Minds and Wraith. The Master Of My Fate, released in May 2017, has won support from numerous high-profile artists and has quickly become part of the Beatport Deep House list. After a series of high-level remixes, he released an EP, ‘Reverie’, an EP at the start of 2018, and this EP was in the 4th place in the overall Beatport TOP ranking.


He has also released his own labels, such as Asymmetric, Compact, Dynamic and Einmusic.






Soul Button

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