Call of Azerbaijani photographers to international colleagues


Our international photographer and videographer colleagues,

We are photographers from Azerbaijan. But we have never been able to take any photos in the last 30 years in Karabakh which is the territory of our homeland. Because the historical Azerbaijani lands – Karabakh has been under Armenian occupation for 30 years. There are about 1 million people forcibly displaced from Karabakh. Although we have been victims of injustice, displaced from our lands, and suffered over the years, we still do not want war. We are not an aggressor, on the contrary, we have made countless attempts to take back our territories peacefully for 30 years. However, Armenia did not accept these offers, committed provocations, changed the history of the occupied Azerbaijani territories, falsified, and tried to own them. However, the fact that Karabakh is a historical Azerbaijani land is recognized by many countries and international organizations around the world. Even the four UN resolutions prove it.

Currently, you can be informed about the ongoing war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh via international media. Unlike Armenia, the Azerbaijani army does not target the civilians,  waits for the leaving of Armenians settled in our lands. Because we do not intend to shed blood of innocent people or commit violence. Our war is for justice. We believe that there can be no peace without justice.

We would like to hear the sound of cameras, not the sound of guns from these lands. We would like to see culture in those lands, not war and violence. We would like that the world knows Karabakh not as a war zone, but as a tourism region.

We have a polite request for you. Do not believe the fake news, research the history, share only the facts and truth with the world.

You can see the photographs from the first Karabakh war which took by Azerbaijani photographers 30 years ago. Photos are published with courtesy of Azerbaijan Photographers Union.

Aivazov Shakhvalad – 1993

Aivazov Shakhvalad – IDP encampment 1994

Ilgar Jafarov – Shusha

Nur Ahmed – Fuzuli

Mehdi Abbasov – Terter 1992

Aivazov Shakhvalad – 1993

Nur Ahmed – Fuzuli

Aivazov Shakhvalad – 1993

Aivazov Shakhvalad – Terter 1993

Ilgar Jafarov – Terter

Aivazov Shakhvalad – Aghdam 1992 (Coffins for Khojaly)

Ali Gafarov

Khalid Asgarov

Oleg Litvin – Goranboy 1992

Bunlar da xoşunuza gələ bilər

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