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CHALK LINES: The Caucasus

Founder of NOOR photo agency photographer Stanley Greene covered the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. His photographic project “Chalk Lines: The Caucasus” is a striking testimony of the profound human catastrophe playing out in the Caucasus region.Ətraflı bax

Rasul Hasan – Colorising historical photos

It is gratifying to see people who collects historical photos of Azerbaijani geniuses and and giving them new life. This time we present you a series of color photos that have a special place in the experience of graphic designer Rasul Hasan.Ətraflı bax

Lost in Karabakh

We present you "Lost in Karabakh" photos which are part of the "Frozen Conflict" project by Sıtara Ibrahimbeyli. "Lost in Karabakh" contains photos of the personal belongings of lost people during Nagorno-Karabakh war.Ətraflı bax

Tural Rahmanli

We are here again to introduce to you young photographers. The next photographer is Tural Rahmanli. Starting his career in Istanbul, he is the author of such projects as “East”, “Metro”, “Charshi”, “Istanblues”, . He considers photography a lifelong project and plans to take photographs every day. Here, you can take a look on his " Ukraine" project.Ətraflı bax