Aytaj Bekmemmedova – My name is Hamida

Aytaj Bekmemmedova is currently working as a freelance photographer and videographer. She is a graduate of the Baku School of Journalism and took courses in journalism, photography and videography. Additionally, She is a member of the Y-PEER Azerbaijan network, which focuses on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and awareness of rights, as well as peacebuilding and conflict. In 2018, she participated in the project “FilmAct – Shoot for Change” led by Y-PEER Azerbaijan. She was the author of a short film called “Black Lamb”, which was made as a part of this project. In 2019, She was a participant in the `Rights Reframed: Media Advocacy Mentorship Program` and presented a film on religious freedom. In 2019, Aytaj participated in video and photo trainings in the Tbilisi Videoguest Program. Additionally, she presented the project `My name is Hamida` in the Multimedia Laboratory Production Grant Program 2020 for South Caucasus Women Photographers.

This project is a story of invisible violence that a woman is exposed to. The photos express the buried feelings in this story through short stories.

This photo story is a protest against that women’s buried feelings are the last on the list, but it is also a complete portrait of the violence women face.

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