Art on a Wall

“Art on a Wall” is a digital art project by @tardino6 that invites artists to ‘decorate’ a building in Icherisheher, at Kichik Qala 58. ‘Art on a Wall’ democratizes contemporary art and attempts to bring it to a wider audience. The project aims at combining city’s architecture with contemporary art. Digital realm knows no limits and borders so artists can make all their brave dreams come true.
If you have your version for art on a Wall, check out all the images you can use at this link –

Please, send your entries to [email protected] or to tag @tardino6 page in your Instagram posts.Artists:

Irina Eldarova (@irinaeldarova)
Samir Salahov (@ssmoothest)

Irina’s project: Mirage – oil on canvas
Samir’s project: Digital mural by Baku based artist Samir Salahov is inspired by Alakbar Rezaguliyev’s works (1903-1974). According to Salahov, Rezaguliyev had mastered Baku Old city’s atmosphere in his engravings and paintings.

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