Shalala Salamzadeh

Shalala Salamzadeh is an artist and multidisciplinary designer whose artistic activity is dedicated to the study of human psychology in the digital world, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, online aesthetics, Internet culture, cyber and postinternet art. In recent years, she has participated in many exhibitions and held a series of digital art master classes in various regions of Azerbaijan. Currently, she is a member of different art collectives from United States, France and other countries.

During her studies at the Faculty of Computer Science and Design, she began her experiments in computer graphics with 3D visualization and simple programming.

In 2016, the glitch art serie – Introspecto have been featured in the Artpeople Gallery online project, and later in the Spanish culture magazine. A year later she participated in the exhibition, organized by the Yarat Contemporary Art Space, as a curator and artist with the project called “Rebirth.exe” and began her first lectures on digital art.

Later she was exhibited at  Yay Gallery’s “Think that everything that exists, does not exist…” exhibition with an installation dedicated to Khurshidbanu Natavan, Gamar Salamzadeh and gender stereotypes. After joining the one-year ARTIM Lab project supporting young artists, she participated in various exhibitions with examples of video and digital art. There were performances and illustrations among the experiments. The video art “Poetry of the Universe” displayed at the Kichik Gala gallery at the first “Nasimi” Festival in Azerbaijan in 2018, included visual effects from various photos of Azerbaijani nature generated by Nasimi’s ghazals in their coding.

After being selected as the winner of the ARTIM Lab project, in 2019 she was a resident artist of the Yarat Contemporary Art Space. In the final exhibition of the residents, she demonstrated “Superposition” an augmented reality installation, inspired by the Azerbaijani national tale and research on quantum physics. On that eve she became the first Azerbaijani artist exhibiting at “The Wrong” – the world’s largest digital biennale, with video and 3D installations in two exhibitions. She also participated in the NEoN festival of Scotland.

Created in 2017, “AZEsthetics” vaporwave-style stickers and t-shirts, were shared in last two years. The phrases often used in Azerbaijani language in this series are combined with nostalgia and ironic internet aesthetics.

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