Tahmina Rafaella – A Woman

A young, modern mother struggles to find her place in Baku, Azerbaijan, a place simultaneously Muslim and secular, progressive as it is traditional, and, like her, at a crossroads of seeming contradictions. Navigating the trappings of both conventional and modern female roles, she straddles the space between choice and responsibility, where in the course of one day she can be a mother, a daughter, a wife, and still be herself.
Nominated at Palm Springs Shortfest 2020 in the “Best International Film” category.
Palm Springs ShortFest is an Academy Award qualifying top 10 short film festival located in Palm Springs, California. This year, 332 shorts films were selected from over 6,000 submissions from all over the world. You can watch the short on their website, psfilmfest.org from June 16-21.
Title: Qadin/A Woman
Director/Writer/Producer: Tahmina Rafaella
Cinematographer: Daniel Guliyev
Starring: Tahmina Rafaella, Zaur Shafiyev, Saeed Mammadov, Vidadi Hasanov
Language: Russian & Azeri with English subtitles

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