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Karabakhname – Pages of History

The series “Karabakhname – Pages of History” which is the the attractive and memorable “artistic mirror” on the distant past of Azerbaijani people, by well-known artist of republic, people's artist Arif Huseynov, can be considered an Ətraflı bax


Tarlan Qorchu

Born and raised in Baku, the professional career of contemporary artist, theatre artist and director Tarlan Gorchu has spanned the museum, gallery and the stage. Tarlan's love of art began with a childhood interest in Ətraflı bax


Marina Abramovich

Marina Abramović is a Serbian artist known for her vanguard performance pieces that use her body both as subject and vehicle. Abramović uses performance, sound, video, sculpture and photography in her practice, is known for Ətraflı bax