Nowruz in Yukhari Salakhli

How can a boy visit the girl he likes at holiday? There is an interesting tradition regarding that in well-known village of Yukhari Salahli in Qazakh. We visited Yukhari Salahli last year during Nowruz and witnessed this interesting custom. Look at photos but don’t be quick to judge!


I gotta stress that people of this village are kind of creative people themselves. A village of poets, Yukhari Salahli contributed our literature with names like Molla Panah Vagif and Samad Vurgun.


Anyway. So, just before the Nowruz, Yukhari Salahli is in a carnival mood. But unlike our familiar Rio carnival, youngsters – especially men parade the town with different costumes. This colorful carnival is known for men to dress like women, wear wigs, decorate themselves like women in general. According to village elders, this holiday carnival dates back centuries. Years before masks and dresses were made from leather, but now it is more easier to switch to women’s clothes and wigs, since they more reachable.


So this is how young men used to act in order to approach young ladies in presence of their father. This would turn into a custom. What to say? Love conquers all – even complexes and standards.


We too, as VarYox team congratulate you and your loved ones on the occasion of Nowruz. Love and be loved, dear friends!

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