Hoqqa Card Game

National card game created by Azerbaijani youth – Hoqqa.  The game was created by “Nomadman Ent.”  creative team.


Hoqqa Card Game is an entertaining card game designed for 2-6 players (recommended number of players, can play up to 10 people) and built up on individual features. The game is made from 0, all cards are drawn with different characters and objects, and local themes are used. The game consists of a set of 80 cards and 2 dice. Although the game is new, it managed to attract interest of a certain crowd.


Game set includes:

  • 80-card game set;
  • 2 dices;
  • rules sheet


Rules are quite simple! Unpack game set? Great! Game sets need to be mixed. Each player starts with 20 points (max. 25 points). The game is divided into rounds. In each round, all players draw a card over set. The figure in the lower right corner of the card is the “impact number” of the card, and the player with the least impact card will play first. Other players also play cards in their order from small to large, depending on the impact number of cards. Each player must clearly spell out  the card’s name and effect of this card when playing it. Some card effects require flipping one or both dice. After all cards are played, they are clearly cut off and the round ends. Once set is completed, cards that you have opened will be mixed and ready to play again with. Only one of the players is left until all rounds are played, and this remaining player (in some cases leaving the game last) is declared the winner.


If the number of cards played by  players is the same, then the player who plays their card earlier is determined by flipping a  dice – the player who gets the most loss is the first to play.


At the same time there can be max. 2 protective or bonus effect cards (in addition to the hit card played). If there is more than one, one of the cards must be returned to set and  1 point must be added.


The card or player themselves choose the target of the blue cards. These cards strike precisely.

Red cards are like fire. Unlike  blue cards, the player who picks the card may also be hit, so be careful!

Green cards are the most peaceful cards. They don’t hit, but on the contrary they increase your  or other players’ scores.


It is also possible to get Hoqqa card game. You have to fill in the form below for this 🙂



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