Solidarity project by Wolfgang Tilmans

Baku is still in a lockdown, but our team has been working hard on a number of events and activities.  In April 2020 we have conducted the first (and so far only) survey to evaluate effect of COVID-19 on art professionals. The results were communicated to all relevant public and art institutions working in cultural field in Azerbaijan, including the Ministry of Culture and the Parliament.

As a result of this survey, we have revised our mission and values to better serve artist community in Azerbaijan. Our friends and colleagues from Faig Ahmed Studio have provided a budget for one-time payments for artists who were affected the most by the crisis. With support of the Embassy of Sweden we have launched Micro-Commissions project in June to support 8 artists who filled in our survey. This initiative recently was brought to the attention of EU policy makers on culture in BrusselsCommissioner Mariya Gabriel and her team in charge of Creative Unite –  thanks to our friends and mentors from Trans Europe Halles.

We continued our digital presence providing visibility to our artists via @tardino6 Instagram’s #AWeekLongRomance #ArtontheWall and #Dialogue projects, participation at .ART x CADAF Online booth and soon will launch a group exhibition with our colleagues from Kazakhstan and Georgia on New-York based Sapar Contemporary gallery’s digital platform. Between August 26 – September 3, Ta(r)dino 6 will present a video programme in the framework of La distance séparant l’oeuf du sol festival in Marseille that coincides with the opening week of Manifesta 13.

We have a plan to open a permanent space in Baku with exhibition and learning programme focused on gender, identity and equality in the art world. We would like to continue to support a discourse on contemporary art from Azerbaijan and greater region and also support our team aspirations for curatorial research projects.

If you like what we do and want us to continue, you now have a chance to support us until August 2, 2020 by pre-ordering one or more poster from the selection of 12 provided by Wolfgang Tillmans’ Between Bridges  foundation for #2020Solidarity x Ta(r)dino 6 campaign.  Click here to learn more. 

Please, help us to spread the word of what we do! 

Many thanks,
Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform Team –
Asli, Azad, Lesley, Olga and Sevil

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