STIGMA – Fighting with stereotypes through art

The goal of the STIGMA project is to educate people about psychological health and psychological disorders, and to prevent them from prejudiced judgments. As KAUSEFFEKT, it is important for us to prevent every person, regardless of psychological state, from being isolated from society, and accepted for who he is.


Instead of being ashamed of psychological problems, we should deal with them more effectively by studying and discussing them.


The mission of the STIGMA exhibition, created thanks to the organizational support of KAUSEFFEKT and cooperation with representatives of various fields of art, reads as follows: “Fighting stereotypes through art”.


During the exhibition, viewers will have the opportunity to contemplate various chaotic works of art and will be able to take part in artistic performance.


It is time to break free of stigma, to make our world more beautiful, embracing our differences, and also to be strong, brave and open to changes.


The event will be attended by:


Lighting / Visualization: Vladimir Mitichenko




Performance: The ADO Theater Team


To take part in the event, you need to register and get a special QR code. You can get this code by filling out the corresponding registration form on the website


Organizational support:


iN Club Baku



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