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VarYox team implemented a small art project on its own initiative in the village of Khinalig in 2018. The most valuable art figures, artists and musicians from Azerbaijan participated in this art project. They spent three days at school in Khinalig village playing music and painting sketches for more than 60 children. As part of this project, we met Aynura, first female student from the village of Khinalig to enroll in university, and supported her studies. This was one of the first steps to link VarYox to Khinalig.


After this art project and acquaintance with Aynura, VarYox team maintained contact with Khinalig community and regularly organized numerous expeditions to Khinalig. As a result of ideas emerged during all these meetings, the idea of ​​Art Residency in Khinalig was formed. Art Residency Project is currently taking place in Khinalig as a joint project of VarYox and State Tourism Agency.


VarYox platform will implement Art Residency project in the Khinalig on August 16 – September 8, 2019, in conjunction with the State Tourism Agency. The aim of the project is to revive cultural, social and economic life of Khinalig community with the participation of creative artists.


Participant-artists of the project; Faig Ahmed, Vusal Rahimç Rajab Aliev, Nargiz Ibrahimova will live in Khinalig for 3 weeks and will have direct communication with local population. The main occupation and source of income for people currently living in Khinalig are textiles and animal husbandry, and tourism in recent years. The main objective of the project is to use natural and cultural resources of Khinalig by applying creative approach to such areas of activity and to create new types of activities and products. Artists will work with the group of females who are already engaged in this activity and interested in developing new design and consequently sustain the future of this activity independently. They will reside in the village and work with the relevant group of community members to develop the line of herbal products, especially herbal teas. They will define the types of the herbals, their application for different purposes, how to collect, conserve and pack them. They will be also engaged in preparing souvenir items from stones, flowers, etc.


The project is also expected to provide training to local people to strengthen their communication skills with foreign tourists and organize an English course. An outdoor film screening  will be organized by Salaam Cinema in Khinalig.


“CAUCASUS ALL FREQUENCY” music festival with participation of local and foreign musicians will take place in the last 3 days of the project. Musicians from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Hungary will perform at the festival and will host various master classes. At the same time, fairs, yoga sessions, meditation workshops (Highflyoga  by Anna Sola Basee, Gafar Ganizadeh) and performances will be organized during the project.


And this is why it is expected that  Khinalig project will gain high amount of attention.


We invite everyone who wants to take part in this festival and share this wonderful moment with us. Entry is free. Every week,  Khinalig community and everyone interested in project and  festival will be given detailed information.


Stay tuned 😉

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