There will be a screening of “The Bra”

“The Bra” film to be screened on Nizami Cinema in Baku according to information given to VarYox by Goethe Institut.


Supported by German first channel ARD and Cultural Film Fund of the German Government BKM, main actors were Miki Manojlovic, Chulplan Khamatova, Paz Vega, Denis Lavant and Ismail Guluzadeh (a boy from so-called Shanghai-district in Baku) with Kazim Abdullayev, Gunesh Mehdizadeh, Haji Ismayilov, Khumar Salimova, Matanat Atakishiyeva and Sevinj Aliyeva being supporting actors.


The screening starts at 18:30 on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at Nizami Cinema Center (Bulbul Ave, 20). Entrance to the screening is free. First come, first served basis. Award ceremony is only by invitation.

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