Azerbaijani photographers’ work published in Turkey

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, there comes a moment when everything falls into place. The concern of ‘TurkuazStreet’ Photography Collective is to pursue and share such moments in the chaos, uncertainty and unpredictability of the city they live in.

They say that, our approach to photography also reflects outlook on life. We look at the photograph with the belief that the truth will be too extraordinary, plain and complex, yet beautiful.

Collective consists of people who share the same passion. Their goal is to make known to each other on the one hand support the photo in Turkey street improving themselves, for friends a hand with this view “Turquoise” in Turkey is to become one of the reference points of Street Photography.
By the way, two Azerbaijani photographers – Tural Rahmanli and Rasul Guliyev are also members of this collective. Including Tural and Rasul, works of 15 photographers are presented in the newly published book ‘TurkuazStreet 2020’. The book is a close look to the 8 years journey of ‘TurkuazStreet’ Collective with 15 photographers and their 150 photos.

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