Photo exhibition of Nadars is being held in Baku

On December 17, the French Institute of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art organized a photo exhibition entitled “Mysterious Journey to Baku” featuring photographs by Paul and Felix Nadar. VarYox was also invited to the opening. The exhibition will last until February 15, 2022. These photographs, taken from the original negatives of the Architecture and Heritage Multimedia Library under the French Ministry of Culture, are on display in Azerbaijan for the first time. The curator of the exhibition is Konul Rafiyeva.Ətraflı bax

Theater and Movie

Incomplete Stories – Ganja 2020

After the first missile attack in Ganja in October 2020, we went there as a team, and coincidentally we witnessed the second missile attack in Ganja. We made a short documentary about this event there. But after the impact of what happened there, we were able to edit and publish it only now. It was very difficult for us to see and feel those images again. Nevertheless, we want to continue our work, trying to document such events.Ətraflı bax


Digital November kicks off

In 2021 the 5th edition of Digital November (in French “Novembre Numérique”) Festival, organised annually by the French Institute and its partners around the world, will be celebrated by French Embassy and French Institute in Azerbaijan in Baku in partnership with the Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform. This year's festival aims to promote global access to technology and increase the diversity of digital creativity and will be held in about 70 countries and 100 cities. Ətraflı bax


TurnItUp Live – Mila Miles

These are everyone’s favourite old Azerbaijani songs in the new guise. The album consists of the songs which are directly linked to the elements of nature (Water, Fire, Earth, Air), with each song being great in its own way. While choosing the songs, I particularly picked the ones that are spiritually close to me. My aim is to encourage our young generation to listen to our old songs, because they are exceptional. These songs are far from the meaningless and empty songs that have been written recently, these pieces/compositions are immortal. However, from time to time it is Ətraflı bax