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Continued Silence

What does feeling subconscious horror from the imperfection, cruelty, meaninglessness and inevitable finiteness of the surrounding reality mean? Russian photographer Alexei Kuzmitchev explores these concepts in his work. How do you keep up with our current reality?Ətraflı bax

Art and Photography

Flourishing masculinity

Two artists from Lithuania invited twelve men of diverse ages, social classes and sexual orientations to be photographed nude with beautiful floral arrangements to celebrate International Woman’s Day.  The aim of the project is to highlight the vulnerability of men and stereotypes associated with masculinity that are harmful not just to men but women too.Ətraflı bax


Marina Abramovich

Marina Abramović is a Serbian artist known for her vanguard performance pieces that use her body both as subject and vehicle. Abramović uses performance, sound, video, sculpture and photography in her practice, is known for her dangerous and dramatic performances to investigate the effects of body and mind limits.Ətraflı bax