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Ooma – m9ku$

Quarantine conditions are being mitigated. The dullness in our lives is also decreasing. Aren't you tired of the repetitive minimal sounds? Maybe we can tune our ears to innovations and progress? We invite you to Ətraflı bax


Rasulov – I am dervish

It is first time we are sharing an entire album! Farid Rasulov, who already has 4 mixes published on our website, presents a mystical experience called "I am dervish" (at least, this is what we are Ətraflı bax


Rasulov – Mix #4

Farid Rasulov is on Xodver again with his 4th mix! It should be noted that Farid's exhibition named "Qurban olum" was scheduled for March 18 - June 15, 2020. Hope that you will have a chance to attend Ətraflı bax


NIAZ – Qarabasma

I am Niyaz Babayev, was born in Baku (In May 13, 1988), known under my stage name Niaz, I am a techno and electro DJ & producer. I started my career in 2015. Performed in many local clubs and  Ətraflı bax


Vugarixx – True Fantasy

Having a keen interest in music, mainly in a hip-hop genre, in 2014 Vugarixx decided to prove himself as a producer and DJ in electronic music genre. Initially, he attracted the attention of people by combining Ətraflı bax