Vugarixx – True Fantasy

Vugarixx is well known for acting as a music producer in Azerbaijan since 2014, also DJ and the founder of Lunatix label.

Having a keen interest in music, mainly in a hip-hop genre, in 2014 Vugarixx decided to prove himself as a producer and DJ in electronic music genre. Initially, he attracted the attention of people by combining the history and ethnic culture of Azerbaijan, as well as the dialogues in our old films with the electronic music created by himself.

At the end of 2015, he introduced his first EP album “True Fantasy” which mainly consisted of instrumental music. Later, Vugarixx, being known by a larger audience with his music “Payiz Geldi” and “Yol”. In 2019 he created his own music label “Lunatix”. He has also worked on many major projects and contributed soundtracks for several films.

He thinks — «It all fades away. Music never fades. Music always wins». In a world of hype, fads and overnight success, Vugarixx has let the music do all the talking. «Let my music tell my story» — he says.

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