Aysel Sadigova

My name is Aysel and I am from Azerbaijan. I am the founder of a  brand called “Parcha”. The brand is a ready to wear brand and we have founded “Parcha” based on 3 values which are minimalism, quality and innovation. We believe that it is possible to achieve great results by simplicity, great insight to detail and cutting-edge approach.

People are avoiding banal facial and body structure. Although people want to be distinguished in their clothes, they sometimes hide in them. The concept of beauty is different in world standards. Because banal standard can be considered as call for less interest in body and facial structure. In this collection, we have selected non-standard and not so professional models. I have a chance to challenge my fellow members of our local community as well.

“Clothes of Human” series were launched in january 2020. Men’s clothing, handbags, silver items were also presented in the collection along with women’s clothing. Now we are doing sales over Instagram. In the near future, clothes will be able in the home showroom. Along with it, sales will be carried out over the website.

As you add specificity to your clothing, the clothing will show you in unique and different beauty.


Photographer: Mehemmed Osman, Ismail Rzayev
Models: Yusib Faiqli, Nigar Rzayeva, Ceyhun Imanov, Nezrin Memmedova
Stylist: Aysel Sadigova
Makeup:  Mehriban Memmedova
Assistant: Nigar Memmedova

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