Galib Gasanoff

I was born in 26 October 1994 in Garajalar village of Gardabani, Georgia. I grew up in simple Azerbaijani family. After I completed my school in my native language in same village, I’ve been accepted to Georgian State Theatre and Film University named after Shota Rustaveli. I spent my later years of education in Medea Chakhava Art Academy in dress culture and design major. Although education level was not good, I learnt valuable information. Last year in my education, I tried to compete in “Tbilisi Fashion Week-Newcomers 2013” and I won! Same year, with same collection, I took part in “Be Next Contest 2013’’ International Fashion Contest – I was one of winners and I got the chance to study in Milano. I moved to Milano before even starting university in Tbilisi.

After 2 years of education and a couple of internships we set up “Act n°1” brand with my friend Luca Lin in early 2016. Despite few struggles and hard work, we are going to strong for 2 years. We won “Who is on next 2017” contest, we are in good relations with Vogue Italy… Latest news is we are preparing for September, Milano Fashion Week.


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