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We have taken a long break from XodVerMix. We make comeback with Ayaz – a 22 year old Rotterdam DJ. His life changed around 2014 when he moved from Azerbaijan to Rotterdam. He discovered the marvelous world of electronic music in Netherlands while collection digital and physical music albums. This lead him to learn sound engineering and music creation in 2015. Following years were full of journey – 2016 was the year of his first appearance in a Rotterdam club, he would go on to have his own shown on “Operator” radio by 2017. Last year he played on “Red Light” radio of Amsterdam. Moreover, he played in Tbilisi, Moscow and Baku clubs. His latest work is “Yalanchi” – a brand new vinyl record label.


Ayaz has no fixed style – he mixes inside a spectrum of wide genres and styles. His musical taste influenced by some artists, notable – Michail Chekalin and Tolouse Low Traxx in electronic music and Altın Gün – a Turkish psychodelic folk-rock band. Hip-hop and electronic rock background also has influence on him. Ayaz mixed this piece especially for VarYox. How describe it? Perhaps in his own words – the aim was to collect timeless songs.


  1. O Yama O – Hebi
  2. Unknown Artist – A1
  3. Michel Banabila & Yaşar Saka – Hem Okudum Hemi De Yazdim
  4. Marl Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Simb
  5. Brandi Ifgray – No Chance
  6. Denis Mpunga & Paul K – Veronika II (Tolouse Low Traxx Remix)
  7. Anna Homler & Steve Moshier – Gu She’ Na’ Di
  8. David Bowie – Segue / Algeria Touchshriek
  9. Makaya McCraven – Holy Lands (feat. Brandee Younger)
  10. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Tell ‘m To Me
  11. Pablo’s Eye – L.A Desert
  12. Viola Klein – Can you listen to the feeling of my words unspoken (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  13. Bernard Palaglia – Simple
  14. Mkwaju Ensemble – Lemore

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