DJ AKG – Sevgi VAR, Qorxu YOX #002

Kamran Garalov is Azerbaijani DJ, producer and founder of the Hereket Records. Kamran, who entered the electronic music world under pseudonym DJ AKG, was inspired by the genius musicians such as, Jean Michel Jarre and ATB. After exploring the influential musicians and trends, Kamran chooses his own musicial direction: Techno and especially classic Detroit Techno.


In 2016, Hereket Records, the first digital techno label in Azerbaijan established by DJ AKG. After a long break, in May of that year, the “Yumru Gutab” EP released by the Italian Klaphouse Records.


DJ AKG is currently working on his mixes and styles. Making collaboration with Dilara, Miri Yusif, DJ AKG, has been performed in Georgia, Italy, Netherlands and France.



1. Ocula – From the Lake
2. Artche – Fears
3. Jon Hopkins – Luminous Beings
4. Just Emma – Baltic Sea (Monolink Remix)
5. Jonas Saalbach – Faraday
6. Lee Burridge – Mibale
7. Moderat – Rusty Nails
8. Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix Edit)
9. Magdalena – I Think About You All The Time (Extended Club Version)
10. Monolink – Father Ocean (Ben Böhmer Remix Edit)
11. Ane Brun – Balloon Ranger (Clavis Remix)
12. Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)

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