LeiSun – Nagahan

LeiSun was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. From an early age she was passionate about art and music. In 2018, she decided to take up techno music and turned to professionals for help. She worked hard on herself and took her first steps in this area. Her music style has been described as Dark, Proper, Industrial Techno made for the dance floor.

LeiSun is the owner, founder and resident Dj of underground techno platform ONEIRON. ONEIRON is a project engaged in the development of techno industry in Azerbaijan. The aim of ONEIRON is to promote talented local techno artists in our country and beyond.


  1. FadeFace – Terrorem
  2. Eric Exelsson – TableTop
  3. Banke – Yellower
  4. Sept – Hold The Trigger
  5. Lars Huismann – Hydra
  6. Ukrat – Linx ( Pure Kaos version)
  7. Lars Huismann – Centaur
  8. Draugr – Submitted
  9. MRD – Like That
  10. Studio Dondert – Gabber Stanley
  11. Darc Marc – Running with the Devil
  12. Hyden – Nothing Lost
  13. Jan Vercauteren – Blame it on the Twins (Laven Remix)

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