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I have always had an interest in music and art in general. And, my interest in electric music increased after my visits to America and Europe. I play various genres of music, but most of all I prefer techno and electro genres. I also like a lot of musicians from whom I am inspired. For example, in the techno genre I like Blawan, Surgeon, and in electro – Umwelt, Objekt. I also listen to many other genres. In music, I appreciate not the genre itself, but the track. I like to mix different genres. Currently I am producing and in the near future I intend to prepare and release my first album. The set I prepared consists of electro breaks.



1.Benedikt Frey – Private Crimes (DJ Normal 4 Remix)

2.Piezo – Cala

3.Partisan Midi – Phono Abduction

4.M.S.L. – Overclock

5.Tyraell – Paleocontact

6.Glyn Hendry – Escape Club 99

7.Kris Baha – Twisting Numbers

8.Setaoc Mass – Jenagan Sivakuma

9.Mall Grab – Looking For Trouble

10.Volruptus – Alien Transmisisons

11.Andrea – Future Atmo

12.B. Lhasa – Sexxor 1644

13.SW – Untitled D3

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