Shlømo – 6 April

Shlømo – French DJ, LIVE artist and music producer.


He is the founder of Taapion Records, a resident of the KHIDI club.


Shlømo is one of the most prominent and innovative performers in the rapidly developing french and generally european techno scene.


On March 1, he performed with Regal, Imperial Black Unit and Roman in the Boiler Room (Tbilisi’s KHIDI club).


His tracks have been released by record labels like Taapion, Delsin, 47, Invite’s Choice and ARTS.


He is the author of memorable releases with artists such as Antigone, Artefact, Donato Dozzy, Tommy Four Seven, Johannes Heil, AWB, Oscar Mulero, Norman Nodge, François X, Birth Of Frequency, Musk: St and Emmanuel.


His incredible talent distinguished him at the techno institutes such as KHIDI, Griessmuehle, Concrete, Perron, Berghain, and has shared the same scene with artists like Wrong Assessment, Blawan, Etapp Kyle, Umwelt, Zenker Brothers, Shifted, SHXCXCHCXSH, Ron Morelli, Function, Keith Carnal, Ben Klock, Ancient Methods və I Hate Models.


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