Rasul Hasan – Colorising historical photos

“Approximately 3 years ago I was interested in the colorization process. At least I wanted to look at the photos from a new perspective. I was also certain that colored photos can make a completely different impression on people. I was not mistaken, each photo was very interesting for people. Also, looking at in colored version to these photos which were black and white for years, discovering new details there, impressed completely different. As a graphic designer, I always try to experiment. Coloring is also part of this experiment. I am currently working on the principle of interaction between artificial intelligence and human labor in the painting process. I am working to learn new algorithms and apply them to my work to get better results.”

We present you a list of colored photos of historical figures which have a special place among Rasul Hasan’s experience.

Bunlar da xoşunuza gələ bilər

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