Tural Rahmanli

He was born in 1992 in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. Having started his career as an artist, Tural Rahmanli went to Istanbul in 2011 to get an education. While studying in 2013, he became interested in the art of photographing. His work consists of street and documentary photographs. Works of Tural were exhibited at many festivals in the world. And in Baku, the photographer himself took part in many exhibitions. Tural Rahmanli considers photography a lifelong project and plans to take photographs every day. In 2016, he became a member of the “Turkuaz Street” team. He is the author of such projects as “East”, “Metro”, “Charshi”, “Istanblues”, “Ukraine” .

Tural Rahmanli`s “Ukraine” creates bridges not only between the profession and reporting, but also between different people and times. The author demonstrates the darkness and gloom of the country he visited in a poetic style. He addresses the social crisis of Ukraine, its society, crowded with everything and everyone. On these bridges, he can contemplate the present and past of a society that has seen many trials in its lifetime. The feeling of chills from viewing cold shots is immediately replaced by warm portraits of people taken from a close-up. Tural invites viewers to read human issues through a kind of aesthetic language.

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