Emin Mathers

Emin Mathers was born in Baku in 1990. From 2009, during last year in Architecture and Construction University he has started to practice photography as more realistic tool to share observations. From that time photography become an adventure taken to explore the reality of life. Time by time experimenting with such medias as illustration, video art and light installations.

To contribute to local photography scene he with Sharaf Naghiyeva founded «f 3.7 union» – photography union, where they organize online exhibitions, photography reviews, etc. At the moment he is focused on street photography. Preparing two books for publication and just published a zine “A full moon night in Vitebsky railway station”

A story about last train run on a full moon night at the first railway station in St. Petersburg. People reunite and part on the platforms of this station since 1837. The staff of the station seeing off hundreds of people every day, leaving their own temple of mercury to home.


“Photography for me is the simple evidence that I really lived the moment, and opportunity to collect and share honest visual experience.”


Emin is also interested in astronomy, which led to his project NOVA III.


“My interest to cosmic theme became the project NOVA III. This is how I can contribute somehow to astronomy to inspire next generation to explore this science. If we think deeper, each of us knows that everything and even science is nothing but collective imagination of humanity, which is trying to explain all around us. Astronomy is a great story about totally different scales. We created plenty of tools to find material evidences to our imagination.

I used the basic tool – telescope in these frames. Everyone who deals with this tool gives his attention to the image in the viewer only when it is directed to the sky to see objects like stars, comets and planets. But not a child which attentively observes even if the telescope is directed somewhere else. Observing from another point of view opens completely new universe.”

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