Aron Talas Trio – Baku Jazz Festival

The Aron Talas Trio has formed in 2015, they have two albums released from Talas’ compositions “Floating Island” (Gats Productions, JP) and “Little Beggar”(BMC Records, HU). The rhythm section consists prominent members of the hungarian jazz scene, Jozsef Barcza Horvath on bass and Attila Gyarfas on drums. The trio is always in searching for new ways in playing, but they also respect the jazz traditions. They had performed on the Kiev Jazz Festival, Palace of Arts (with Mike Moreno), Hungarian National Opera, and numerous clubs and festivals. The trio will also perform at the Baku Jazz Festival, which runs from October 18 to 27. On October 21, the band will perform at the Rotunda Jazz Club in Baku.

We have written on Baku Jazz Festival before.

Aron Talas

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