Baku International Jazz Festival

Current program of “Baku International Jazz Festival” that has been organized since 2005 could prove very interesting for avantgarde and traditional classic jazz music admirers. We already had Open Air concert on 18 October near Maiden Tower with attendance of Minister of Culture and there is a huge interest in the festival in the city. Festival will be around till October 27.

By the way, today an interpretation of legendary jazz-trombone player Miles Davis’ “All Blues” and free jazz improvisations presented to referee committee and audience at Rotunda Jazz Hall. Festival program also includes master classes, movie nights, photo and art exhibitions and lectures about cinematic jazz soundtracks. International contest for young performers “I am Jazzman” is being held as a part of “Jazz Festival”. Famous jazz pieces, as well as rock and pop music improvisations are performed within concert programs.

Events are organized at “Landmark Business Center”, “Mugham Center”, “Musical Comedy Theater” and “Kirche”.

These days are “Jazz days” for Baku and you are invited to listen!

Bakı Beynəlxalq Caz Festivalı

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